Monday, April 28, 2008

Open Letter to the Citizens of Los Angeles County...

The creation of art and the support of artists is intrinsic to our values at Crewest Gallery and Man One Design. In fact, it is our mission to promote and support artists and their art, both in the commercial art world and the community at large. It is our belief that the world needs more art, not less, and it is within our mission to create art whenever and wherever possible, within the confines of the law and the First Amendment.

As you know, last September, 2007, the County granted us a permit for an event to create a mural on the Arroyo Seco Confluence of the Los Angeles River. The event occurred on September 28-29 and more than 200 artists came together to paint a 10,000 sq. foot mural on the blank concrete walls that define the waterway. We think the event was a great success with more than 3000 spectators attending and news teams from KTLA and CNN covering the creation of the mural, which we estimate to be worth in excess of $250,000.

Unfortunately, since the completion of the mural, controversy has surrounded it. Consequently, we have been told there is a desire to remove the mural. We hope it can remain. Removing the mural would violate our values and mission. As we stated above, our mission is to create art - not support the removal of it. So, it is with the conviction of our values, we humbly encourage the County to let the mural remain.

We at Crewest Gallery and Man One Design understand and respect the County's prerogative to remove any art or murals it deems necessary in order to complete its goals and objectives towards better governance, so long as its actions are consistent with the First Amendment. So, if the County chooses to remove the mural, we will not stop it. We simply can't, in good conscience, agree to remove the mural ourselves.

We believe that the mural has served as a catalyst for the ongoing and important debate about the role and value of public art in Los Angeles. To that end, we hope the County allows the mural to remain as a symbol of the County's commitment to the value and importance of public art for its citizens. That said, we will respect the County's final decision.


Man One & Scott Power
Crewest Gallery / Man One Design

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